Moslem Identity Database


Well, it’s finally finished. A database of over 2,000 titles in various formats (mostly pdf, but also epub, mobi and MS Word), all within the framework of the sacred community of Emami (‘Twelver’) Shi’a Islam. 

First I gathered as many titles as I could (with the help of my friend Mr. Mohammad-Hossein Haqiqatkhah, who did a couple of big mass downloads for me and has been the technical inspiration and main mover for the project). Then I renamed them all, with author last names first. Then I classified them by subject, so that people can find what they are looking for according to the subject matter they are interested in. And lastly, I uploaded the whole database onto my skydrive, so that people can download at will. 

Here is the link to the database:


Now that this database is done (up to this point), Mr. Haqiqatkhah is working on building a website where each book will have a page of its own where comments can be made on it, like a blog entry. We hope that the site, when up and running, will be visited frequently and people will leave comments and mini-reviews etc. about each of the books. 

There is still a lot of work to be done. There are many works which have yet to be added to this database, as well as other things that can be done to improve it. If you are interested in helping to improve this database, send me an email ( Ditto if you have a file or files which you think should be added. Just send them to me by email (or if there are more than five, say, then open a skydrive account and email me the link so that I can download them).

The idea was to get to know the lay of the land, as it were, as to what works have and have not as yet been translated (and where the voids are which need to be filled).  Also, I thought and continue to think that our main function here in the Shi’a Citidel (Iran) is to act as a support base  for the Shi’a diaspora, as any translation effort, no matter how good the translation, is still going to be flawed in so far as the original suffers from what I call maladaptive cognitive syntax, so that it is only you pioneering Shi’a whose mother tongue is English, who can come up with works that hit the bulls-eye of our intended da’wa (and apologietcs) audience. Inshallah, this small effort will help you in your research efforts.