Smoke & Mirrors

Richard asks, “What might Netanyahu do when his American mob tells him Romney won’t win?”

It seems to me that they have already told him, and that this whole hating on Islam movie, together with the hit on Ambassador Stevens is a DynCorp/ Netenyahoo PsyOp starring Google’s Sergei Brin and Larry Page, The Cato Institute’s Charles and David Koch, and Sheldon Adelson, all six of whom are proud Israeli-passport carrying American traitors.

BiBiJon: Regarding the so-called issue of ‘free speech’:
So the first thing to recognize is that this whole movie is nothing more than the Smoke and Mirrors to provide cover for the PsyOp that was the false-flag murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens by DynCorp mercenary forces to make Obama look weak and give Netenyahu’s bosom-buddy Romney the bump he needs to put him over the top. (See above two links) After all, scum like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and the whole host of Islamophobes too long to list,

(but listed here:

have been spewing all these lies and slanders about our dear Prophet for years.

Call me crazy, but my contention is that not ALL people in post-Christian societies are barbarians who think that it is OK to go about insulting anything and everything that other societies hold sacred. Methinks that this, at least, is one definition of barbarism, and a good and timely one at that. Anyone who thinks it is ok to slander and denigrate the values that other cultures and religions hold sacred can only be described as having a sub-human sense of morality.

Or call me Ishmael.


2 thoughts on “Smoke & Mirrors

  1. Ishmael, I think the colors on your tattoos are just a little off — to the best of my knowledge, the Koch Brothers are NOT Israel firsters. They are unabashed capitalists but of the working variety — they actually build things, they don’t make their money PRIMARILY from interest/derivatives, etc. They should not be lumped with Adelson, who makes his money from gambling, exploiting people’s weaknesses & desperation and exploiting workers; by tax avoidance, and who spends his money on causes that foment hate.
    Kochs are not in those categories.
    This msg brought to you in the interest of focusing rants to maximize impact ;D

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