The Azalic (Pre-Eternal) Promise of Our Lord

The Azalic (Pre-Eternal) Promise of Our Lord

This post is in response to a post by “fyi” who said: “I hope those who read this will comprehend the absolute strategic necessity of Iran leaving NPT and deploying deliverable nuclear weapons. There is, unfortunately, no other way.”

I must respectfully disagree. To take the position that God in His Wisdom has left no alternative to the community of His final prophet, with whom be peace, is, I would venture, a form of kufr. When you consider the etymology of the term, whereby its tri-letteral root (jazr), ka-fa-ra, means “to cover up”, all forms of pessimism, when taken far enough in the negative direction, become nothing less than a covering up of God’s bounty, and the latitude that He provides us in the way we transact our lives.

When all the souls of the Sons and Daughters of Adam were gathered around His Presence on the Day of Alast in Pre-Eternity (azal ul-aazaal, which actually means in the pre-eternity of pre-eternities) and answered in the affirmative to the posed question, Alast-u bi rabbikum? (Am I not your Lord?), what was implicit in the sacred Covenant that we all entered in was that our Lord would keep up His side of the Bargain, which was to be our Rabb (= parvardegaar; Nourishing and Cherishing Lord; there is no equivalent to the Arabic rabb in English or any other language that I am aware – the phrase in English that comes closest to expressing the precept is “The Good Shepherd”). In other words, we agreed to obey Him and His commands, and in turn, He would guide us and provide honorable livelihoods for us. It is this percept of the Covenant of Alast (whereby Man took on the onus or Burden of the Vice-regency of God on Earth – khalifatollah fil-ardh) that is the key to understanding the Shi’a religious texture that insists that there must be a dayerat ul-imama (Cycle of Imamate) following the Advent of Muhammad, who was the Seal of the Cycle of Prophecy (dayirat un-nubuwwa). (Similarly, it is this same impetus that gave rise to the twin phenomena central to the Shi’a pathos, namely the dayerat ul-wilaya (Cycle of Guardianship) and wilayat al-faqih (Guardianship of the Jurisconsult) following the ghaybat ul-kobra (Greater Occultation).

For all his shortcomings (he is, after all, only human and decidedly not inerrant), Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s fatwa regarding the haraam status of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons specifically is one of the very few triumphs of latter-day Shi’a jurisprudence (besides being the cradle that nurtured Imam Khomeini and his movement).

Another equally important triumph is that when our Vali so opines, unlike our Christian and “post-Christian” brothers to our West, we do not have to wonder as to its veracity or worse, as to his sincerity – unlike “Guardians” of the Western tradition such as Billary and Barack, for whom the determination of whether or not they are lying is as simple an act as observing whether or not their lips are moving.

So in conclusion, dear fyi, I suggest that not only is your position on the nuclear issue, as good-intentioned as it is, proscribed religiously (wa’s-salaam), but that it is, alhamdullilah, impractical both because of the fact that there is a quantity and quality (2nd strike capability, for example) gap that we would not be able to breach, but also because, even if we did, this new vista would still not give us any added strategic advantage, as we would never be able to use these inherently evil weapons, or even threaten to use them. And rightly so. Take comfort in the fact that our Parvardegar, in His wisdom, has and always will provide us with some alternatives for righteous living, no matter how ugly things get, up until the Resurrection.

Laa huwl-u wa laa quwwatu illa bi’llah, wa maa shaa allah.

Posted by Arash Darya-Bandari


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