Saudi Arabia is not Sunni!

Flynt and Hillary Leverett say “Conservative Sunni powers allied to the United States, like Saudi Arabia, have not taken this well.”

I have mentioned this before, and it seems I need to mention it again. The government of Saudi Arabia is not Sunni! The monarchy and government are Wahhabi, which is an anti-Sunni, anti-Shi’a splinter that considers neither Sunni or Shi’a to be Moslem due to bid’a [reprehensible innovation]. As such, according to Sunni scholars, by the act of pronouncing this verdict on the entirety of the Moslem population, the Wahhabis took themselves “out” of the ummah or community, just like the Kharijites before them, which are their spiritual antecedents. The Khawarij [lit. (those who) exited (the fold) or withdrew from the fold of the community)] were the sect responsible for killing Imam ‘Ali, with whom be peace.

Less than 20% of “Saudi” Arabia is Wahhabi. Another 20% are Shi’a, and the overwhelming majority are Sunni, mostly of the Maliki rite, with a spattering of Hanbalis thrown in the mix for shits and giggles. Thus, this Wikipedia map
( ) has it entirely wrong: it classifies Arabia as Hanbali as the la-madhhab Wahhabi weasels will identify themselves as Hanbali if pushed against a wall, claiming to be Muhammad ibn Hanbal’s intellectual heirs (whereas in fact they are the intellectual heirs of Ibn Taymiyya, who was a wayward student of ibn Hanbal’s), and do not, in any case, believe in any madhhab or in taqlid (imitation) at all, and in fact hold anyone who imitates another in matters of religion (no matter how superior the source of emulation might be) as a murtad and as such, a non-Moslem. One of the main differences between Sunni and Shi’a Moselms on one hand and the Neo-Khawarij (non-Moslems) is that the latter do not have a rite or madhhab; they are what is traditionally known as laa maghhab – an extremely derogatory term in religious contexts. The entirety of Moslem orthopraxis was codified into 5 madaahib (plural for rites), the Maliki, Hanafi, Shafi’I, Hanbali and Ja’fari (Shi’a). Adherents to these rites defer to the higher understanding of the eponymous founders of their respective rite in terms of practice and law, said deferment being based on an acknowledgement of the founders’ superior knowledge of the Islamic sciences (Koran & hadith (mutuun, isnaad, ‘ilm ar-rijaal, tafsir, ta’wil, tartil, tashkil, etc.) and fiqh (qiyas {Sunni} and ‘aql {Shi’i}). As such, the muqallid (follower) is obliged to follow the mujtahid (Doctor of Jurisprudence) in the secondary considerations of his or her religion (the furu’ ad-din or branches of the religion, rather than in the primary considerations- usul ad-din – wherein imitation is of course haram.

Understanding and making this distinction between Sunni and Wahhabi will grow to be more and more important as the fault lines become more evident between the two sects in Arabia. The fault-lines in Arabia can be seen in the four regions that comprise Arabia which have been artificially cobbled together by the AAl as-Sa’ud (House of Sa’ud), i.e., Najd, the central desert region, including Riyadh, the capital, is Wahhabite; Qatif, the oil rich eastern region bordering on the Persian Gulf, as well as Asir, the southwest region that properly belongs to Yemen, are both Shi’a (Imami and Zaydi respectively), and the Hijaz, the Western region bordering on the Red Sea and which includes Mecca and Medina, are Sunni (Maliki). There is deep hatred for the Wahhabis by the Malikis, who consider themselves to be the true custodians of the haramayn (the two sacred cities) and consider the Wahhabis to be apostates and usurpers. Watch for tensions along these fault lines in the future, which is bound to afflict the Saudi regime with the kind of troubles other illegitimate regimes in the region have been facing.

Earlier I had said:

Unknown Unknowns says:
December 18, 2010 at 11:40 am

On a point of order: I cringe whenever the Saudi apostates are referred to as Sunni or Ultra-Orthodox Sunni by the ignoramuses of the MSM. Let us not repeat this mistake here. It does a grave injustice to our Sunni brethren.

Sunnis are those traditional Moslems (increasingly rare in today’s world) who subscribe to one of four schools of fiqh in terms of their shariah (Maliki, Hanafi, Shafi’i and Hanbali), one of two or three schools in terms of their ‘aqida (Asha’ari, Maturidi, and the now defunct or no longer extant Zaheri school), and, if they are so inclined as to proceed on “the narrow path” (tariqa) towards God, subscribe to one of the many tariqas, such as the Naqshbandi, Shadhili, etc. All four schools of fiqh have held for a millenium that the Door of Ijtihad has been closed (after Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s ijtihad perfected the fourth and final permutation that was afforded by the Qur’an and hadith given qiyas, ‘ijma’, etc.) All four Sunni schools accepted and accept the fifth school of fiqh, the Ja’fari or Shi’i school, as a legitimate form of orthopraxis (the question of doxa being postponed to the hereafter, it being held that it is a private matter between each soul and his Maker; hence, and in contradistinction to Christian tradition, there is no “orthodoxy” in Islam, only orthopraxis. Each has its pitfalls, Islam’s being felt particularly acutely after the occultation of the Imam of the Age whose absence has been increasingly felt and exacerbated by the asymptotic rise in novelty since the advent of the industrial revolution.

Anyway, sorry to go on, but please, let’s refer to modern forms of Islam that have branched out of the Sunni tradition in a radical direction (such as the Salafis, who do not believe in a madhhab, preferring untutored ijtihad and untutored tafsir of ahadith and Qur’an, etc.), let’s refer to them as Salafis, and let’s refer to the apostates who have been occupying the Haramayn with the help of Uncle Weasel’s petrodollars (and the pound sterling before that), as Wahhabis or neo-Kharijites, or whatever, but not Sunnis.

Thank you in advance, and apologies for being a stickler.

Posted by Arash Darya-Bandari


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